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A message from the Inventor of The Open Book Game of Business:

Let me tell you about this game. Since forming my HVAC company in 1990, we have held monthly meetings. Training and educational meetings change a business by improving the top and bottom line. During one of our meetings, I decided to play a business game with the whole team. I went to the bank and picked up a few thousand dollars in small bills and divided them up among four teams of five players. Each team represented a business and came up with a name. Verbally, I began to give scenarios that typically happen during a week’s time (a big sale, a truck breakdown, an employee injury, etc.). After about an hour of play, the team with the most money left was the winner. Needless to say, employees loved the competition. They also learned that for every “cause” there was an “effect.”

The more I thought about the game and listened to feedback, I realized I was on to something. During another meeting, we spent time brainstorming ways to improve the game. We then developed a game board with cards and many scenarios, both good and bad, which typically happen in the HVAC business. The game reflects the open book business approach. Its title is TOB-GOB®, which stands for “The Open Book Game of Business.”

– Greg McAfee
Founder and Owner of McAfee Heating and A/C Co., Inc.
HVAC Business Consultant

If it works for Greg, it will work for you!

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